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Irreverend Hall

The spiritual forum with a twist.
Because your spirituality should work for you.

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Forum membership starts from as little as $10,- per month!

The party is just getting started!
So bring the gift of You and in return we have a little extra for you:
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Want to know if you’re going to like hanging out with the rest of us?
Then check out these two pages, where I run you through the spiri-peeps I most identify and resonate with:

  • Avatar (for a brief overview) and
  • The Four Avatars (for a more in-depth description of the different Paths, Visions, Goals and Challenges).

Spiritual Enterprises, Inc.

Because that's what Life is: a spiritual undertaking! The "Inc." is an insider joke; it means Incorporated. Embodied. And that we are!

This site is for you, if you want to:

  •     *  make your spirituality work for you
  •     *  embrace the full potential of your vision
  •     *  assimilate solutions into your life

It is my job to help make your spirituality work for you.
How can I help you?

The Forum

Irreverend Hall is a place for Interaction and Feedback. Here you can create your Body of Experience, which will give you the trust you need to make your perspective work. We may not all be at the exact same page, but we respect the page you're on!

Grab the Early Bird Discount while it lasts!

The Student Corner

Inside Irreverend Hall we have a separate section where we offer our courses, like the recently launched Interactive Course on Urban Shamanism.

It's so newly launched that we can still offer you the Pilot Discount! What are you waiting for?

Every day you go forth pursuing your desires.
As a result you manifest things. All the time.
But how to do it consciously and deliberately?
And how to get what you want?

That is what A Course in Urban Shamanism is about!

Heart – Body

Cos when it hurts, it hurts!

Mind over matter? Yes, we do practise that: the unravelling of thought patterns and all that. But when you’re too deep into physical discomfort, you can’t see where you’re stuck. And since you’ve got to start somewhere, you might as well get comfy first!

Massage therapy via skype?

Absolutely! I’m an empath shaman, what can I say? I can -quite literally- feel your pain. Might as well put that talent to use!

Heart – Mind

For a good old fashioned heart-to-heart.

In a Convo we get to the bottom of what’s troubling you. When you speak, I listen with all of my senses. I hear what you say and I hear what you don’t say.

During a Convo, I will assess where you are: If you’re not ready to hear, I will not push. But if you’re ready to go down that rabbit hole with me, hold on to your breeches!

Best part? You’ll be laughing through your tears!

Heart – Energy

Yes, the best place for an energy session is right here on my table. But if you can feel it, I can give it to you – in the comfort of your own home!

Just switch off all of the distractions, even switch off the camera if you like. Make sure we won’t be interrupted and we’re good to go!

Look here for more information on these online therapy models.

Would you like to be invited to a Discovery Session?

Every week I invite a few people from my list to do a Discovery Session with me. In this 30 minute session via Skype we explore where you're at and what you need next.
Would you like to join the list and be invited to this no-strings-attached mini Heart-to-Heart?