This programme isn’t the kind of thing I normally make. I’ve always been an energy healer bent on improving your manifestation skills – and Embrace Your Gift, when you look at it but briefly, seems to be a step-by-step about structure. 

Still, when I tried to put into words how this new project is different, I actually found myself listing a number of similarities:

I still help people align with where they want to be going and I still help them get there by assessing their thoughts and improving their belief systems, so that the obstacles fall away.

Obstacles that can be mental, emotional or energetic. 

The big difference is that, before, I used to work with what’s there and on the rare occasion that we dug into the past, it was usually as part of a shamanic healing – where that past was released in the same session. 

Are you familiar with that analogy of the person spending her time pulling bodies out of the river? Well, this time we’re going to the point where they’re being thrown in. 

Which means that Embrace Your Gift parts from an entirely different premise.

Even though it’s still about alignment and meeting your goals, it is based on the idea that some -maybe even most- of our patterns have been created at a time when they served to protect us – and that we’re still committed to those habits even though they now actually hinder us and hold us back. 

What’s also different, is why I created this programme: I’ve made all of my past projects because they dealt with things I wanted to share, insights I wanted you to have so that you could manifest more easily, fulfill your desires more easily – and while this programme will certainly achieve that for you, honestly, I made it because I needed it myself. 

In the very first session of this programme we fill out your Life Chart and that forms the basis for the rest of the programme, which is tailor-made to suit you. 

I did my Life Chart exercise, however, as part of a marketing course and its purpose was to help me better understand how I might serve my tribe. Typically, when you do that exercise in a marketing context, you’ll find that your past has set you up with certain coping mechanisms and that these mechanisms make you the perfect ‘guide’ in a specific area for people with those same coping skills, say, women who keep attracting the same unsuitable partner.

For me, however, it was the Life Chart itself, the exercise, that contained the solution I feel my tribe needs. 

My peeps are all about self-development and self-improvement, but there seems to be this ‘ceiling’ that we can’t move beyond. We invariably have beautiful gifts, but we are curiously held back by something we can’t fully grasp. 

I have thought I’ve been held back by entities, I have thought it was because of past-life contracts and vows, and I have thought many many other things. And I have dealt with each of these beliefs accordingly, applying healing modality upon healing modality in my quest to move beyond it. But it wasn’t until I filled out my Life Chart that I finally understood what I’d been tripping over all these years.

To give you a peek into the answer: It was my 7 year old self. 

By the time we’re seven we’ve made up our minds about most of how the world works, and the more sensitive and empathetic we are, the more skewed our perspective is, because we pick up on way more than we’re equipped to interpret. 

In order to keep myself safe as a child I drew certain conclusions about how the world – and, particularly, my family – worked and I learned to make myself invisible. I learned to not rock the boat. And I learned to always fly under the radar. 

All of the beliefs I’ve held since then about what was ‘wrong’ with me, and what was holding me back, can all be traced back to the conclusions I drew in those early years.

For example, I have a tendency to create beautifully perfected programmes for my peeps, but to then never launch them, never promote them, because posting those programmes on my Facebook wall was something I was well and truly incapable of.

And while I had zoned in on the past-life vow where I had sworn I would never speak my truth again (because all it did was get me caught and punished, burnt at the stakes, you know, the usual), but while I had zoned in on that, and dealt with it over and over again in yet another healing ritual, I had never stopped to consider that my inner 7-yo needed me to fly under the radar. 

Obviously, what an adult needs to thrive is vastly different from what a 7-yo needs to be safe. Those needs are, almost without exception, mutually exclusive! And so every time I tried to spread my wings, I would do something, anything, to sabotage myself.

In fact, I am so very very good at sabotaging myself that if I were to create a programme the way the Life Chart was originally intended, I could design one around exactly that: the many ways in which we sabotage ourselves. 

And for myself I most certainly did design that. Apart from the structure I’m sharing with you in the programme, I’ve also built one for my own specific needs – just like I’ll help you build one for your specific needs. 

You see, once I realised what my inner commitments were about and how I was honouring things that didn’t serve me, I figured I could simply turn over a new leaf and start afresh, taking these commitments into account.

But what I hadn’t factored in, was just how deep these commitments ran. And while I was busy creating an entirely different programme, I found, time and again, that I was still honouring those old commitments and falling flat on my face without making any real progress.

That’s when I decided to build a structure, both for myself and for the peeps in my tribe, something that would allow us to embrace who we really are and fully express that on a daily basis. 

And again I went flat on my face! Being aware of my hidden commitments somehow seemed to make them stronger. Or perhaps this time around it was simply more obvious what was happening: where in the past I would have come up with a different explanation as to why a certain module wasn’t coming together, this time I knew it was just part of the whole self-sabotaging thing. After all, the longer something takes to create, the less chance it’ll ever really come to pass! 

And so I built a sub-structure to deal with my specific habits. Just like we’ll build yours, in module 5. 

The analogy I used at the start, about people being thrown in the river, well, here’s another: I have spent the last ten years of my life putting out fires left and right, small fires, major fires, fires-all-sorts.

But even though it occasionally occurred to me that I had started a fire myself, it never once occurred to me that all of those fires served the same purpose: to keep me flying low, and to stop me from stepping into the light. 

Embracing Your Gift is all about coming to terms with who you actually are, what your needs are, what you want to share with the world and, conversely what old commitments you are honouring that are keeping you from achieving what you want the most. 

It’s about getting to know yourself in an entirely new way, where the new pieces you learn about yourself make you stronger and help you move forward so that, eventually, you are free to live life on your terms, rather than being dictated to by an old, or rather, very young! version of yourself. 

If you’d like to know if this programme is right for you, just give me a holler and we’ll hop online and find out! 

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