Hi! I’m Danielle. Welcome to the latest evolution of my life’s work, Spiritual Enterprises, Inc., with its adjoining Irreverend Hall, where in between beaches and taking my dogs for long walks, I wax lyrically about designing the life you love.

As a highly sensitive empath and dreamer, raised in an environment where focus was on working hard rather than on working smart, I followed the dream I’d had since 8-year-old me, seated behind the reception desk of a London Bed & Breakfast, spent an entire holiday ‘helping’ the receptionist: I got my BA in Business and Hotel Management.

Promptly after graduation I packed my suitcase and moved to Spain, but eventually my sensitivity caught up with me. My life derailed around me and I knew I was missing something essential.

And then it struck me: Others did not see the world the way I did. Others… were not… highly sensitive and intelligent empaths with a penchant for dreamweaving and the conviction that we shape our own reality.

That break-through insight was the biggest aha-moment of my life – and it changed everything.  My ‘truths’ were, quite simply, different to everyone else’s! And after spending a good while sorting through those truths, and thoughts, and belief systems, I chose to live my life based on my own truths, no matter how different (and weird!) my choices seemed to others.

Once I embraced the difference, I learned to trust myself and my choices. And once I trusted myself, my life began to unfold in entirely new ways.

The best part was -and is- that the more I live life in accordance with my own truths, the more I see them reflected where it matters; and in spite of feeling so very different, I now know there are many others ‘like me’. And though we may always remain different in our unique responses to situations, having these people in my life is one of my biggest blessings!

Through my courses, like the Interactive Course on Urban Shamanism, I now teach highly sensitive empaths to design a life that reflects their unique intelligence; a life which you can live with your whole heart and where you set the directions in stead of being dragged along in the mindless schemes of others, or becoming the recipient of yet another apparently random ‘gift’ (or, if you prefer, ‘lesson’) from the universe.

I love providing conscious creators with the support, strategies and training you need to improve the relationship you have with life, the relationships in your life and, most importantly, your relationship with you, so that you can connect with your Spark and live the life you love.

I especially love the part where I get to help make your spirituality work for you and I love how the new forum allows me to do it even better!

Want to know if you’d be a match – or if you’re going to like hanging out with the rest of us?
Then check out these two pages, where I run you through the spiri-peeps I most identify and resonate with:

  • Avatar (for a brief overview) and
  • The Four Avatars (for a more in-depth description of the different Paths, Visions, Goals and Challenges).