Which Avatar are You?

Spiritual Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to intelligent HSP’s and Empaths.

Irreverend Hall is a community where intelligent HSP’s and Empaths can interact and share, with the goal to make your spirituality work for you.

But there are many levels in which to be an HSP (a Highly Sensitive Person) or an Empath, and this depends first and foremost on the level of your sensitivity: Either it don’t bother you much —  or — it determines who you are (with, of course, pretty much every other point on the spectrum in between).

The next thing to take into account, is your willingness to explore your unique talents and abilities; in other words, how willing are you to make the most of you and your life!

Willingness is closely associated with accountability. Either you feel life happens to you, or you understand that you have a say in the matter. And either you are content with letting it happen, or you decide to grab the steering wheel yourself and see how far you can take that baby! You may not quite know how to go about it, but… if you are considering joining our little community of creative dreamers, you do have to want to be accountable! Because accountability is what sets you apart from the victim to whom things happen.

Accountability is what separates the puppets from the puppeteers.

For Spiritual Enterprises, Inc. high sensitivity and high willingness combined with the choice to be accountable leads to focusing on four relevant Avatars: four segments or ‘groups of people’ that are loosely based on the stages of the spiritual path.

And I say ‘loosely’, because it really doesn’t matter much what stage you’re in, given that Personal & Spiritual Development is a dynamic spiral. So these Avatars are not linear and they’re not about hierarchy. In stead, they are labels that can help pinpoint what you need most at any given moment.

These are the four Avatars and you may find that you identify, to a larger or lesser extent, with all of them!

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The Acolyte

You’re an intelligent, talented and highly sensitive woman who perceives the world from a unique vantage point – and…

  • you want to learn to (better) walk your talk.
  • You want real embodiment of your vision of you.

Your Goal is to embrace all the potentials and to apply what you know in real life; you don’t want manifesting and deliberate creation to be ‘just concepts’, you want to turn them into real-life experiences.

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The Shaman

You’re an intelligent, talented and highly sensitive woman who perceives the world from a unique vantage point – and…

  • you understand your unique perspective, you know how to make it work for you.
  • You’ve taken life and picked at it until you understood the dynamics and you’ve learned to apply them to your satisfaction. You know how everything works and why it works ‘that way’.
  • Your body of experience is still growing progressively and you understand that it is all about creation, about making manifest and you’ve got it covered.
  • You’ve done the work and, let’s face it, you’re there!

But… now that all is said and done, what are you going to do next? 

Your Goal is to cut through all the crap and to zone in on what makes you tick!

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Why the Forum?

The Searcher

You’re an intelligent, talented and highly sensitive woman who perceives the world from a unique vantage point – but…

  • you find it difficult to express your uniqueness, or even to believe in it and to see it as a strength.
  • You can see that you’re different, but you’re not sure why or how – and even though you resonate with the Acolyte and the Shaman on the inside, not much of that seems to be coming out just yet.
  • You know you’re an Empath or an HSP, but you don’t really understand how that sets you apart from ‘the other 80%’ – or, depending on how sensitive you are, the other 99%.
  • Because of this, you don’t really know yourself very well in relationship to others – and as a result others don’t know you at all! And that’s kind of a sucky place to be in!

Your Goal is to embrace the very characteristics that define you and set you apart, and to find your place in the world. To find peace in being you.

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The path from Searcher to Shaman is something we all follow to some extent, regardless of what label we stick on it. But apart from these stages, there is one other thing we tend to have in common on a day-to-day level, independent of choices, and that is this:

The Hermit

You’re an intelligent, talented and highly sensitive woman who perceives the world from a unique vantage point – and…

  • at times this leads to isolation. As you go your path, deepening your understanding of self, everything else is often released or relinquished.
  • Family relations seem to fall away, life time friends fade into the background and new ones are slow to take their place.
  • Chances are you’re single – and it’s not that you don’t want to be in a relationship, but for some reason it just doesn’t seem to happen.
  • You are happy with the things you uncover, but there are times when you wish the experience of it could be different. And though you would do it all again in a heartbeat, you can’t help but wonder if there isn’t an easier way. And why you aren’t having more fun.

Your Goal: You want to learn how to bring more fullfilment into your every day life. You want to zone in on what makes you happy! To live life with an open visor and an open heart.

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