Easy Button

 Hitting the Easy Button is a habit.

And habits have to be created!

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So here you are. You know all about Ease and Grace, and you know about the Easy Button… but when the time comes to use it, you just sort of seem to forget! And in stead of connecting with the easy way out, you find yourself trying to resolve things the old way… the hard way…

habitsWhy? Because of patterns!

Sometimes old habits really do die hard, especially habits of a lifetime, and hitting the Easy Button is a new habit. And the thing with new habits is they ain’t habits yet!

Habits have to be created. And if you want to make them your new default go-to response, you really have to work at them! Until it is your new go-to response, you have to remember to hit that button!

If you habitually resonate on the same frequency, you will habitually attract the same things.

If you want change, start with your habits: bring their frequency to a higher level and improve your experiences!


But… how to create a new habit? And how to increase their frequency?

The proverbial knot in the handkerchief can help you remember, but to really create a new habit pattern, there are a few things you need to know and you can read all about it in the Easy Button Blueprint.


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