Embrace Your Gift

Sensitive and highly empathetic women tend to have a unique perspective on life.

If that’s you, then I’ll go out on a limb and say you probably also have unique gifts and talents that you want to express – in a way that is unique to you!

Still, chances are that manipulative and abusive relationships have left you feeling blocked. And I’m talking about relationships that can go back as far as your earliest childhood – or even past lives!

That’s certainly what happened to me. You see, when our gift isn’t exactly mainstream, it can be perceived as threatening to those around us.

So even though you might want to work with your gift in a way that really suits you, you may not be entirely sure how to go about it, because let’s face it: there aren’t all that many templates around to help us set that up.

I remember that whenever I asked others for input, they’d automatically guide me back towards their own comfort zone – until I no longer knew what help to ask for anymore, because it just didn’t seem to be there!

If you recognize that, then maybe you’re also telling yourself that “Maybe you should just give up. Get a regular job. Quit dreaming. Maybe it’s time to Act Normal.”

And maybe that’s even what you’ve decided to do: to blend in for a while, your dream relegated to the back of your mind while you deal with life’s distractions.

Never fully fitting in, yet never fully coming out as yourself either. Just waiting. For a chance moment. Or a sign. For something to change.

I know that was definitely me, and if you feel that way now, then at this point you’re probably either not doing much at all, or you’re just doing something you’re good at, because it happens to be acceptable.

But you don’t shine the way you know you can. And in a life filled with limitless potentials, you have the nagging feeling you’re not giving it your best shot.

 And all the while time passes, slipping through your fingers like the proverbial sand, while you wait. And you get more discouraged every day because help just doesn’t seem to be coming.

But why doesn’t help come? If this is your calling, why isn’t the universe coming to your aid?

Well, here’s the thing. Even though you have unique gifts and talents, these talents have probably never been properly nourished.

Those who didn’t understand your talents waved them aside and it wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve never even properly identified with them yourself. Your survival in an abusive family or relationship may even have required you to sever the connection with your uniqueness.

So let me ask you this. How would you describe your gift in as few words as possible? Take a moment and feel into it.

Can you put your uniqueness in words in a way that makes immediate sense?

I know so many talented women who struggle with this that I’m going to assume you can’t describe your gift at the drop of a hat, even less so when you’re put on the spot. 

But if you can’t, then how can the universe bring it to life for you?

For the longest time I felt I was an Urban Shaman, but even though I checked all the boxes, I was never able to fully embrace that identity for myself.

It wasn’t until I connected with the essence of my gifts that I realised that, more than Shaman, I am a DreamWeaver. An Interdimensional DreamWeaver, to be specific. Now, this is something I can embrace and, as a result, express to the world at large. And this makes all the difference. I can now freely express that part of me!

In short, if the universe responds to what you put out there, then you’re going to have to put it out there!

And you’re going to have to be clear on what ‘it’ is!

Now, here’s what you need to know. Whether or not you express your gift isn’t really about that gift. 
It’s about all the things surrounding your gift, the things that keep getting in the way.

There can be so much rubble around your gift that you may feel as if you aren’t sure exactly what your gift is, but deep down inside you know; you’ve simply been unable to own it.

And that’s what you can change with this programme. You can begin to embrace your gift, so that everything else can fall away; so that you can look at your gift and say: “Yes, this is me!” 

Now, there is a fairly simple process at the bottom of this. Well, I say simple, but it’s really not for the faint of heart: we go deep. Very deep! 

We create your own, very personal Life Chart and through this process we remove the rubble around your gift.

You will connect with the things that have been holding you back and you will zone in on the patterns that made you – and still make you – respond to life the way you do.

After that you will connect with those tools that provide you the greatest clarity and that will best help you move forward, so that you can purposely express your gift into the world at last.

Sound good? Then let me explain the programme a bit more.

Embrace Your Gift

Get Clear on your Uniqueness and use it to its Fullest Potential

In the course of this programme you will connect with your gift in a truly meaningful way. You will embrace the beauty of your gift and you will recognize the traps and pitfalls that are a result of how you’ve handled ‘Living with your Gift’ in the past.

You see, because of how others responded to your gift, you may have felt forced to create safety mechanisms – but the same mechanisms that protected you in the past are very likely what’s holding you back now.

They got you this far. Now you need something new, so that you can live your gift the way you most want to, in a way that is tailor-made to suit you!

So, how can you achieve that?

Well, that’s where I come in. As a clear-knowing empath I can pinpoint exactly what you’re up against and my Dream Weaving talents are uniquely suited to help you find your path.

I will show you the steps, I will help keep you on track while you go through the process, and together we will create that tailor-made structure for you.

I help clear the rubble that has held you back before, and I help you connect with the clarity you need to move forward. Of course, you have to take those steps and actually move forward, but I’ll be right there with you!

So… right now, you may be having a feeling that I know really well: fear tinged with excitement; where you’re both longing to move forward and wanting to step back. One foot on the gas pedal, the other on the brake. This is the feeling that I want to guide you through so that it no longer stops your brilliance in its tracks.

So let me take you through the steps.

Embrace Your Gift consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Discover Your Patterns

In this module you will get to see yourself more clearly than you ever have and you will understand why you haven’t been able to fully express your gift into the world.

Module 2: Embrace Your Gift

In this module you will release the blocks surrounding your gift, so that you can step forward and own your gift.

Module 3: Assemble Your Tool Kit

In this module you will put together your Clarity Tool Kit and replace ineffective habits with valuable new ones.

Module 4: Activate Your Gift

In this module you will decide how to use your unique gifts so you can introduce truly meaningful action into your life.

Module 5: Design Your Structure

In this module you will create the structure that propels you forward, knowing that this time you have everything you need to see things through.

Module 6: Create Your Action Plan

In this module you will create a clear action plan, so your dream actually gets launched and your life begins to revolve around your gift at last.


After years of doing personal development and deep spiritual work, I continued to feel ‘stuck’ in my life. 

I have just started working with Dani, in the “Embrace Your Gift” program. So far, I have completed the first two modules.

After just one module I found deep seated beliefs and behaviours that had eluded me up to this point. The program contains magic ingredients that have helped me uncover and discover personal insights that I would have never found myself.

The second module has helped me see how I was using coping behaviours from my childhood and understand how ineffective they are for living an authentic life.

I am excited to see what the rest of this program holds for me!

Brenda Cyr, Ontario, Canada

Are you ready to be the best version of you?

Find out who you really are and what you are capable of.

Pursue your dreams through truly effective behaviour.

Revel in the freedom you’ve always longed for and radiate your true nature wherever you go. 


Through this programme you will see yourself
more clearly than you ever have.

  • You will see the talents and habits you developed to deal with your life.
  • You will see why you haven’t expressed your gift in a fulfilling way before.
  • You will begin to own your gift.
  • You will connect with trusted tools to create new effective patterns.
  • You will create a structure that propels you forward.
  • And you will create a clear action plan to launch your dream.

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~ Danielle Brouwer