Morning Coffee With My Angels


Morning Coffee With My Angels

I love the image, but it was the caption that spoke to me first: “Morning Coffee with my Guardian Angel”.

I chat with my guides basically about everything, but when I first found this picture I decided to make it a ritual. Since then I often make coffee, pull out a chair for my guide and myself, and sit down with my writing pad and pen to ‘talk’. 

Talking with my guides is incorporated in my day: whenever I have an issue I need clarity on, I’ll sit down with my pad and start writing. If I’m doing the dishes, I’ll just start talking. When I’m working I typically use the Challenge Log Routine.

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But whatever method I choose, the member of my Council that is most aligned with where I’m at, will present and we will have our ‘chat’ and this type of journaling has become one of my most powerful Tools for Creation.


Your council is yours!

You decide who’s in your council. And just about anyone can be in it: living people, dead people, friends or strangers, historical figures or fictional ones, Jesus, the Buddha, any person of trust, and any person (or energy!) you resonate with. Even your dog, for that matter.


My Council

I have worked a lot with Tobias and the energies of Abraham. These days I work mostly with Kuthumi. When I’m doing a physical session with clients, Rafael will present; during shamanic sessions I connect with the Apus (Inca spirits of the mountains) and their Lord of the Underworld. And even though I’m pretty much an atheist, I have an amazing connection with Yeshua, whom I love dearly.

You could consider communication with the Council a kind of channeling, but even though I perceive my guides as ‘themselves’, I know that, ultimately, they give voice to my hidden thoughts.  

My Council helps me see what I’ve missed. Somehow it’s just easier to hear them say what I’ve been avoiding, than to allow that thought to crystalize on its own.

Besides, they make nice company!


Beware of critics!

Speaking of which: be aware of how you feel around your guides: you don’t need critics!

Our inner voices can be riddled with the echo of past criticisms and while they may bring you valuable lessons and insights, it is important to understand that uncomfortable energies do not belong in your council, no matter how much they seem to insist.

This is your council and you get to pick the members! And the more unconditionally they are willing to support you, the better they can help you.

I’m not saying they can’t be critical of you: if they let you off the hook instead of connecting you with an issue, then that is not helpful. But they have to help you achieve your dreams, not someone else’s! 

If someone you’re at odds with continues to insert themselves, by all means, play it out to its natural conclusion, because they’re there and so they probably have a message for you. But be prepared to challenge them, because with them the game is a different one: if they’re actually in alliance with your fear they will increase your sense of doubt. 

Rule Of Thumb

This is a working rule of thumb for me: if the message has me digging a deeper hole, then the messenger is not a true member of my council, because the end result of a true council conversation leaves me with an aha-feeling that makes me feel better. They leave me ready to implement inspired action!

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