The Warrior and The Adventurer


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The Warrior and the Adventurer represent two different perspectives on Life in general and the Universe in particular – and you, as an Empath, should be aware of this!

I trained with the Inca Shamans of Peru – with their beautiful and extensive healing rituals, but my heart is with the Shamanic Huna Lore of Hawaii. 

The difference between Inca Shamanism and Huna Lore is in essence this:

Huna Lore follows the path of the Adventurer.
Adventurers typically see illness as a disharmony in need of balance.
There’s a strong sense of Oneness in All that is.

The Inca follow the path of the Warrior.
Warriors typically see illness as something to be overcome.
They will fight for peace and there’s a stronger sense of ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’.

The difference is subtle yet vast:

A Warrior Healer will give you protection against your enemy.
An Adventurer Healer will balance out the need for animosity, creating a win-win for both parties.

A Warrior will fight for peace. An Adventurer will wonder how they can conceive of that. They might take the same action, but an Adventurer would use a different label to describe that action, parting from a different energy.

This difference in perspective can be found in all layers of humanity, not just among healers, and when you’re an empath those differences can get pretty much ‘in your face’.

So it pays to understand what’s going on!

In my experience, Empaths quite naturally follow the path of the Adventurer.
But we are confronted every step of the way by the spirit of the Warrior, who turns everything into a competition and who often considers Source to be finite and limited.


As an Adventurer Empath it is quite the challenge to have a real and open conversation with a non-empath Warrior, because they strive for Dominance whereas we strive for Harmony.

They want to win, whether it’s the game or the argument, whereas we feel we win when it’s a win-win for everyone and Love has increased in an overall sense.


Once you become familiar with these two perspectives, it becomes easy to see where someone is on their path, and this in turn can help you figure out how to deal with someone.


In our patriarch society, with its emphasis on scarcity and winning, it is no surprise that the Empath Adventurer can sometimes feel incredibly lost.


With our natural tendency to seek alignment, unity and harmony, we can be overwhelmed by the desire of others to simply ‘win’.


But not all Warriors truly are Warriors.

There are many instances of people newly awakening to the spiritual path and they ask how they might improve their situation. Particularly when they are in a toxic relationship, others (also beginners, typically) will advise them to surround themselves with a circle of light … the objective being that any anger sent towards the recipient will be returned to the sender.

For an Adventurer, this is an act of hostility.

To surround yourself with light is perfectly sound, but to desire that the anger be returned to the sender, as if that sender isn’t herself in need of help, that’s the way of the Warrior.

But… just because a newly awakening person is taught the ways of the Warrior, doesn’t mean that either student or teacher is naturally a Warrior. It can also mean they’re in a Warrior environment and just haven’t been shown all of their options.

Also, just for completion, there are definitely times when a person or society needs the ways of the Warrior. Sometimes you have to go for the win.

And so the purpose of this post isn’t to condemn Warriors. Far from it! According to Huna Lore a truly awakened Warrior Healer cannot be distinguished from an Adventurer Healer.


Rather, the purpose is to help an Empath Adventurer understand what she’s dealing with. Because for a sleeping Warrior, the path of the Empath Adventurer is as alien and incomprehensible as it is the other way around.

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