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Irreverend Hall 

Where spirituality works for you!


Irreverend Hall, the forum brought to you by Spiritual Enterprises, Inc.

Is it right for you?

Why not find out for yourself!

Is your perspective on life typically different from those around you?

Do you believe we are all inherently the same, that we are inextricably linked to source and that, ultimately, fear is just a waste of time?

Do you love exploring your creative potential as a human being? And I don’t just mean in the creative arts, I mean: in your entire life!

Are you driven by union and harmony, even if you seem a bit of a recluse at times?

Are you an intelligent, highly sensitive person who is probably also an empath?

Are you a healer, and/or do you use your healing talents to improve your own life and the lives of your loved ones?

Do you believe in accountability, in creating your own reality – or are you at least trying to get a deeper understanding of these things?

If you’ve said yes to any of these, or if you resonate with the feeling place of them, then, depending on how much you’ve got things assimilated, you are probably very busy:

embracing your vision — and embracing the difference between you and the people around you — coming to terms with how this impacts you in your life

embracing the ensuing potentials — filling your treasure cove with tons of beautiful solutions that come into focus now that you know who you are and that everything is possible

assimilating those solutions into your life — integrating them, turning them into habits and creating your own ‘body of experience’ of ease and grace

zoning in on a specific potential — aligning with something that feels like your mission in this lifetime, or with something big on your bucket list

Sound familiar?

Whichever stage you’re in, whatever your current challenge, it is my job to help you make your unique perspective work for you. And, having embraced the treasure cove for myself, I have some beautiful tools at my disposition that I love sharing with you.

Why a forum? Because of the gifts!

One of the challenges I was most faced with in my early years, was that of isolation, which is why I’ve always known that an interactive set-up would be instrumental to whichever way I chose to share myself with you.

By joining this interactive set-up, the first gift you give yourself, is that of recognition from and by your peers. When you share your stories, it won’t be to a wall: the forum will be filled with people like you, and we will always understand where you’re coming from. We may not always be on the exact same page, but we will always respect the page you’re on!

The second gift, is that of feedback: others will share their stories with you and when you see things through their eyes, blind spots can come into view. 

The third gift, is that of experience: you can learn from us, we can learn from you, and we will all be able to process our experiences that much faster. Furthermore, you will be able to embrace your talents that much deeper when they are improved upon by putting them to the test! Practice makes perfect! And this, this body of experience, is what will help you move past any (residual) doubt caused by traditional programming. Your body of experience will set you free to implement what you know and to live life in accordance with your values.

And that’s why we created Irreverend Hall. Odd name? Nah, just tongue-in-cheek: No gurus or reverends here, no veneration of things outside ourselves, because, well, all power comes from within. Irreverend Hall. A spiritual forum where the goal is to make your spirituality work for you! Which is why we’re giving a lot of attention to the section dedicated to the Easy Button, because it’s all about Building your Body of Experience! Did you get your Easy Button Blueprint yet? 

As for the forum: there are several membership levels for you to choose from, but they all include access to the chatty parts. If you want to dive in deeper, there’s a separate section dedicated to courses, which is our Student Corner, where we’ve just launched the Interactive Course on Urban Shamanism

We’ve only just launched the forum and the invitations are now being extended. This one’s for you:

Come Join Us!

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Memberships start from as little as $10,- per month!

The party is just getting started! So bring the gift of You and in return we have a little extra for you: A special discount for the first arrivals. 

It is my job to help make your spirituality work for you. How can I help you?


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