Hi! Glad you’re here! Let’s see how we can work together to design the life of your dreams. There are several options available to you based on your current needs and preferences. Maybe you’d like to work with me one-on-one or perhaps you’d rather join our community.

Irreverend Hall, the Forum where Adventurers meet from around the world, offers memberships that come with or without personal sessions with me. But whether you’re a member or not: if you’re ready for some deep one-on-one obstacle clearing, you can easily book an online session with me right now using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

One on One


Irreverend Hall is a place for sharing, interacting and implementing.  It’s where you get to make your spirituality work for you. And I’ll be right there to give you a hand!

You can apply for basic forum membership, or you can up it by participating in the webinars (coming soon). You can also opt to have your very own private section, where you decide who gets to read about your musings, shifts and progress!

One on One


A conversation is a good old fashioned heart-to-heart where we get to the bottom of what’s troubling you.

When you speak, I listen with all of my senses. I hear what you say and I hear what you don’t say. And then I connect your words back to you, so that you can hear what you hadn’t heard before.

I am very respectful of your limits: If you’re not ready to hear, I will not push. But if you’re ready to go down that rabbit hole with me, if you are willing to come face to face with your hidden beliefs and if you’re brave enough to recognize the little lies you confuse yourself with, then you can really make some major shifts. Best part? You’ll be laughing through your tears!

Vision Quest

A Vision Quest is a guided meditation that will take you to where the answers await you. And if you were wondering about the rabbit hole that we dive into during the conversations, then hold on to your breeches now, because in a Vision Quest that’s exactly what we do. Or maybe we’ll settle on a cave instead. Or fly over the tree tops.

During this quest we can travel anywhere and meet anyone. You can ask questions and the answers may be heard with the ears or they may reach you directly in your heart.

The experience is typically labeled as profound, moving – and priceless!


Healing Session

Yes, you’d think that the best place for an Energy Healing session is right here on my table – and if you’re in the Caribbean, do look me up.

But a Healing Session doesn’t require touch and since we are dealing with the energy of things, it is in fact ideally suited to long distances and online sessions.

I do generally recommend a prior session of sorts, so that we’re familiar with each other’s energies, even if it is just a brief “Hello” via Skype. But if you’re open to it, I can give it to you – in the comfort of your own home!

Just find a comfortable spot, switch off all distractions – even switch off the camera if you like. Make sure you won’t be interrupted and we’re good to go!

So, why would you trust me with your well being? Good question! According to one of my favourite clients the answer is: “Because I’m a shaman empath who’s a working phenomenon when it comes to feeling into people and their blind spots.” I listen to you with all of my senses, which means I hear what you say and I hear what you don’t say. When you’re in pain and we’re connected, I can feel into your pain and connect with its cause – and its solution. And when you’re stuck, I can guide you to a better thought and a better feeling place – which will lead you back to inspired action.

But the key part of this description is: “When we’re connected!” Not all energies gel. You may wonder about working with me, but I may feel those same reservations in return. After all, if by any chance we’re not gelling, we’ll have a hard time committing to this.

Now, I don’t like things I can’t commit to, which is why I don’t just plunge in with a complete stranger: there’s always some kind of intake before we get crackin’, whether it’s formal or informal. And so before we start our sessions, you’ll have a fair idea of who I am and I’ll have a fair idea of who you are. Just drop me a line via the contact form below or come meet me in the forum and we can get acquainted!

Let’s get acquainted!

Just hop in and join our Facebook group, Spiritual Enterprises, Inc. - Community or come meet me in The Hall!

Would you like to be invited to a Discovery Session?

Every week I invite a few people from my list to do a Discovery Session with me. In this 30 minute session via Skype we explore where you're at and what you need next.
Would you like to join the list and be invited to this no-strings-attached mini Heart-to-Heart?



Irreverend Hall, the spiritual forum with a twist. Here at Spiritual Enterprises, Inc. we only have one goal: To make your spirituality work for you, so that you can find real answers to those big life questions. If that’s what you want, come check us out! As you can tell by the name, we’re not too hot on big tendencies. In fact, we’re a bit of an irreverent bunch – but that doesn’t mean we don’t take things seriously. We just no longer think outside the box, cos there’s no box left. And no gurus. In here, it’s just you. Glorious, Sovereign You. And me, of course, ;).

Webinars & Masterclasses

Coming soon: online interactive Get Togethers, where you get to ask your questions and share your experiences in real-time. Would you rather just listen? Then switch off your mike and/or cam, it’s all good.


If you want to jump in and play with the Energy that creates your life, you’ll love the new Interactive Course on Urban Shamanism. This training program, based on “Urban Shaman, a handbook for personal and planetary transformation” by Serge Kahili King, was designed to provide shamans and energy workers from around the world with the necessary feedback and interaction while helping you create pathways to work with, experience and embed the creative talent of manifesting into your life.

Between the One-on-One work and Community options there’s plenty to choose from. If you like being kept up to date, do sign up for our mailing list. Now is the perfect time, because the Interactive Course on Urban Shamanism has just been added to the Irreverend Hall student corner and we’re celebrating, which means the coming newsletters will be crammed with updates, special offers, tips and suggestions that you won’t want to miss! Speaking of things you don’t want to miss: don’t forget to download your copy of the Easy Button Blueprint!

And remember: if you’re ready for some deep clearing, you can easily book an online session with me using the contact form below. Have questions? Just leave me a message and I’ll get in touch with you!

It is my job to help make your spirituality work for you. How can I help you?


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